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Section 73.3526 of the Commission's Rules deals with public inspection files for commercial broadcast stations. The rule contains a more complete explanation, but here is a bullet-point list of the required items:

  1. The station's FCC authorization;
  2. All FCC applications;
  3. Copies of any citizen agreements;
  4. Current contour map;
  5. Current ownership report;
  6. A political file;
  7. An EEO file;
  8. Correspondence from the public;
  9. A copy of "The Public and Broadcasting";
  10. Material relating to FCC investigations or complaints;
  11. Issues/Program Lists;
  12. Local public notice announcements;
  13. Time Brokerage, Local Marketing or Joint Sales Agreements;
  14. For television licensees only: Must-carry/retransmission consent election material and reports concerning (a) commercial limits and (b) children's television programming.

Some additional public file information:

Licensees must provide photocopies of documents in the public file to listeners that call and request the documents. The licensee can require the listener to pay the reasonable copying costs in advance, but the licensee must pay the cost of postage to mail the materials.

Most application need only be retained in the public file until they are granted.

E-mails from listeners are now considered "correspondence" and must be retained by licensees in the same form and manner as written communications.

These are general guidelines only. For more specific information, and to answer any questions you have, you can contact me or any other qualified attorney engaged in the practice of communications law.

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