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Specializing in Communications Law


Cinnamon Law offers the following transactional and regulatory services for parties involved in broadcasting and wireless telecommunications:


Prepare, file and prosecute FCC applications in broadcast and wireless services.

Negotiate and draft option, management, airtime lease and interconnection agreements for 220 MHz, paging and other wireless clients

Participate in rule making proceedings, including complex FM allocation proceedings.

Counsel clients concerning participation rules and bidding strategies in FCC spectrum auctions.

Appear as counsel in comparative hearing cases before FCC Administrative Law Judges and handle appeals as necessary.


Negotiate and draft time brokerage agreements, letters of intent, purchase agreements, stock sale agreements and related documents to facilitate the sale and purchase of broadcast and wireless telecommunication properties.

Prepare FCC assignment and transfer applications including required ownership exhibits.

Draft and organize closing documents and participate at closings.

Assist clients in negotiating and closing on financing for their acquisitions.

Whether you are an experienced operator or a first-time FCC licensee, Cinnamon Law can provide affordable, experienced, results-oriented services to you.